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Class and Activity Management Tools is an interactive community serving the interests of independent educators. The mission of HSsegue is to enable educators to manage their classrooms and field activities to enhance K-12 education.

HSsegue provides classroom and activity management resources to help you plan, organize, and administer your independent school, charter school, or homeschool. Below, you can view a brief explanation of HSsegue’s sections:

Class Offerings

HSsegue’s class postings provide an area of resources for educators to make their offerings visible to the broader community so that others may get involved and learn together. Through our Co-Op and Tutored class postings, you can connect with groups of instructors and enhance the educational experience of your children.

Local Events

Share activities that may be of interest to other educators. Social activities, community events, homeschooling support groups’ special occasions are some of the posts in Happenings - HSsegue’s classifieds.

Member Needs

Members may also post various needs in the “Member Needs” section of the website. Are you looking for an instructor or facilitator of a specific subject? This homeschool classifieds area connects local homeschooling support communities and, as a result, expands contacts and homeschool resources.

Local Tutors and Instructors

This section’s main purpose is to organize educational services advertised by professional instructors and tutors. Consequently, local families and  educational organizations can find the resources they are looking for.

All postings are local to your community.

Segue [sey-gwey, seg-way]

Verb· To make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption. e.g.: our nation needs to segue from centralized (state-run) to distributed (family-run) education systems.

Noun· Any smooth, uninterrupted transition from one thing to another. I.e.: The segue from institutional schooling to independent schooling was painless.

Whether you are a veteran or new to independent education, this website was developed to assist you in finding and sharing resources. By connecting you with your local community and professional instructors in your area we are a resource for improving the educational experience.

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