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Distributed Education Support Website 

HSsegue is a website providing support for distributed educational activities.  There are thousands of individuals, schools, educational institutes, and support groups nation wide that have utilized this service.  Our educational activity management team's primary goal is to connect families with educational resources by providing a venue to open communication with others in their community. We support discussions and forums about topics and methods to manage your educational organization or homeschool.  We provide a way for you to organize Co-Ops, Classes and Events.

After homeschooling our kids for many years, we became aware of the frustration of trying to connect to local educational resources.  We developed this service to facilitate connections between families and professionals.  We have a deep desire to make the provision of educational experiences as simple as possible and spread the success of distributed educational alternatives.   

A Safe Place to Post, Organize and Meet.

We expect our members to utilize this support site keeping courteous behavior in mind, striving to reach out in kindness to one another.  In keeping with this philosophy, we require that all information posted to this site conform to our strict policy of family-friendliness (see Terms of Use).  We also respect your privacy and are committed to assuring that any information you post on this site is safe and secure (see Privacy Policy). 

We believe that a way to enhance your educational experience and avoid any possible disadvantages through connecting with local families in your neighborhoods and sharing educational information and experiences. By connecting local families and offering local events, we hope that this site will result in the improvement of all our lives.  Post and organize local Co-Ops, Classes and Events!  Share events that your group may know of but another group may not. You will help create a grass roots support sytem that crosses over your own group!

This site has been designed to facilitate the sharing of information locally (within 100 miles of your zip code) while protecting your information from irrelevant exposure.  We recognize that each neighborhood is unique and we look forward to equipping you with the tools you need to connect with other families in your area.

We are committed to continue our relationship with you as you grow and improve your relationships with family and educational groups in your community.

The HSsegue Team 

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