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Educational activities are best when groups join and learn together.  By organizing an educational group or a local event, we enhance and expand our educational experience.

The benefits of having educational groups are many; already proven by the existence of Co-Op Groups, Support Groups and many independent educational agencies.

Besides sharing experiences and ideas, another benefit of being part of a group is that you can share resources and materials such as: planning pages, articles, tests and forms.

By organizing an educational group or getting involved in an existing one, you will benefit even more from the many advantages of distributed education.

We believe that only an indivicual can understand what is best for his or her education and that of their children.  Because of that, we believe in distributed education as the best learning system.

You can tailor your curriculum and schedules for their needs, environment, deciding how you learn based on your particular learning style. You can also focus on your child’s specific needs; if your child needs more time to learn math, you can reduce the time for geography lessons.

You choose the best learning method. Some are visual learners and learn best through reading, while others are auditory and thrive on CD’s, others still are kinesthetic learners and need action to learn. Through your educational efforts, you receive individual attention and learn the best method for the learning process.

You may also turn your educational efforts into a family activity by creating creative classes, like taking your child to the grocery store to have lessons on money.  

By getting people with this same philosophy together, we believe that our education will only become richer.  Take advantage of other people's experience and knowledge and build strong education schedules for elementary, middle school, high school and beyond.   Improve social skills by forming local events and learning together. 

HSsegue’s goal is to be an online event management tool to connect you with other local people and empower you by providing a place where you can share your ideas.