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We can help you as you lead your Homeschool Support Group and reduce your workload at the same time, regardless of the size of your group.  When you manage your class and event enrollments through HSsegue, you can kiss goodbye the mountains of email you are dealing with today!  Your group's postings can either be private to your group only, or available to other local homeschoolers in your area.  Your members will enroll in events and then you can manage their participation and group communications from your private dashboard.

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  • Your group activites are private and viewable by your members only!
  • Managing and communicating with your participants (Enrolling, Waitlisting, Contacting) is all done within your private control panel.
  • You and your members may post and organize Classes, Co-Op's, and Events (Field Trips, Mom events, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, History Night, Talent Night, Sports events, the list is endless) for your group's eyes only.
  • Your Support Group name and group activities can be visible to (or hidden from) other local members.

NOW... From your members' postings, other members may apply for enrollment in the Class, Co-Op or Event.
AND... The Organizer (Poster) of the Class, Co-Op or Event is automatically notified that a member of your group has applied for enrollment and can manage enrollment right from the site!
FINALLY... The applicant is automatically notified of their enrollment status and the Organizer (Poster) has a group list of enrollees for use in all future communication!