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Joining HSsegue is free. 

Your family membership allows you to post activities and enroll in activities that have been posted by other HSsegue members. Once you log in, you will only see activities in your local area and you may enroll your family members in any activities that you choose. (Eligibility is based on the grade range listed in the posting). Find a class or event of interest and simply click on the eligible family members name to apply for enrollment. It’s that easy.

Post Classes & Events Post unlimited classes and events on HSsegue. Events may be designed for replies (great for managing enrollment) or informational only (post events which may be of interest to other homeschoolers in your area).

Automate Class & Event Registration Imagine organizing a class or event without having to type in a single name on a spread sheet, in an email list or on paper.  When someone replies to your class or event you are notified via email.  Your personal dashboard on HSsegue allows you to Enroll, Decline, Contact, Waitlist or even Remove applicants. with the click of a button. Just like having a personal secretary.

Communicate with Participants Because we maintain your roster, once your class or event is established, you may communicate with all participants with the click of a button – use our Contact Enrolled feature to send a message to everyone on your roster.  Communicate with an individual in a single click. No more email rosters to maintain, no more spreadsheets. Your communication center is located in one spot! 

Send Documents with 1 Click Attach assignments, field trip liability waivers or any other documents to your message in a single click with the Contact Enrolled button on your personal dashboard.  Can it get easier?

Family Calendar Your personal calendar on HSsegue allows you to view all classes or events that you have signed up for on HSsegue. Additionally, you may use your personal calendar to remove family members from HSsegue classes or events and the organizer will be notified instantly. Organizers- This is a huge relief, you are notified when an applicant removes themselves from your post.  Add your own personal appointments for keeping a schedule - All from one spot.

Print Rosters Print class and event rosters, class and event postings and more!  Forget creating a spreadsheet, a hand written list we maintain your class/event roster and you can print it!

Enhanced Privacy All transactions are encrypted- Geek-Speak for VERY secure.  Group communication and member to member communication is stored on our secure site.

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