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The HSsegue Leadership Plan includes:

All Director Plan Benefits Plus:

Are you a group leader, Co-Op Director, lead a club, choir?  Do you teach classes to homeschoolers?  Now you can create your own group on HSsegue and let technology do the work for you.  Take a look at these time saving features on HSsegue developed and designed with you, the Group Leader, in mind.

ONLY $199.00 a year.  Regardless of your homeschool group size!


  • NEW PRIVATIZE YOUR CLASSES AND EVENTS - Our groups feature allows you create a private group but now look what we have done for you!  You can choose to make your class and event postings visible to only your group members.  Or, choose to make some of your classes/events public.  Complete flexibility on a posting-by-posting basis.
  • NEW ASSIGN MODERATORS TO YOUR CLASS/EVENT POSTINGS - Assign a moderator to collect fees, a moderator to manage participants, a moderator to communicate with participants. Now you can use HSsegue to delegate responsibilities and minimize leadership burn-out. View Example
  • NEW CREATE A SIGN-UP! Yes, now you can create a sign-up associated with your class and event postings.  Having a Parent Potluck? Create a meal sign-up.  Need volunteers for special events?  Create a volunteer sign-up.  We even send out sign-up reminders automatically via email. View Example
  • NEW PERSONALIZED PAYMENT PAGE - What do I owe?  Have I made my payment?  Can you check to see if I have paid?  As a leader, you know the same old questions.  Now members can see what classes or events they have registered for and what they owe. View Example
  • NEW FULLY THREADED FORUM POSTS - So what the big deal about this?  Do you use a Yahoo Group for communication?  Email lists?  Use your group forum page to organize topics of interest and on top of it all the forum will be fully threaded- Geek speak for simplified forum use!  View Example

These new time-saving features are available in addition to our current Co-Op and Support Group features- ONE SPOT, ONE PRICE regardless of your group size.

THE HSsegue Leadership Plan  $199.00 for any group.

  • Flexible Homeschool Group Creation Create a private invitational group or a private approval group.  Create an open group.  You choose!
  • Online Activity registration with fee management  Automate the enrollment of class and event participants without having to type in a single name. Fee Management- Post, collect and track payments for classes and homeschool events, on-line via Pay Pal.  Options include cash or check. Send payment statements. What a time saver!  View Manage Participants Screen       View Manage Payments Screen
  • Instructors Communicate with Class Participants Instructors/Co-op parent teachers may set up their own classes and communicate with class participants throughout the life of the class.  Send out class assignments with the click of one button.  Now your homeschool group can go paperless! View Example
  • Files integration Upload files for your members to download.  Convert all of your hand outs to a universal PDF file and upload your weekly news letters, group rosters, permission slips, release forms, class assignments- the list is endless! All files may be downloaded and saved by your group members. View Example
  • Secure and Private Group Forums (you assign moderators) You are going to love the forum! Your forum is secure, and moderated by chosen group members. Forum threads may be organized into categories for ease of use. Families select which forums are of interest and subscribe to the forum receiving updates when a forum post is made.  View Example
  • Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area for your members; Save time by not having to answer the same questions over and over again.
  • Unlimited Moderators and Administrators There is no limit to the number of Administrators or Moderators you can assign to your group.  Lighten the administrative load and promote your members to Moderators or Administrators of your group. A homeschool leaders dream!
  • Group Message Blast to all Members The group owner and administrators may send the same message to all members of your group with the click of a button. Messages are stored on our server so you don't have to worry about hacked email accounts.  View Example
  • Member to Member Communication Your members may communicate privately with each other without having to remember email addresses.  Click on a member's profile and send a message. Snap!  View Example
  • Share Photos and Videos Configure your group to share photos and/or videos. How fun! View Example
  • Dynamic Group Calendar Your classes and scheduled homeschooling group events will appear in your group calendar with links to locations through Google Maps for easy driving directions. Add informational only events to mark calendar dates. View Example
  • Dynamic Personal Calendar Your members not only have your group calendar but also a personal calendar. Group classes and events to which your members have registered appear in a personal calendar. Address link direcst you to Google Maps for event directions.  Contact link to the organizer. View your class and event registrations and payments made/due.  View Example 
  • Venue Options Do you offer classes or events that routinely occur in the same location? Create venue locations and classrooms to choose from when posting for your group. One button click to add the location. View Example
  • Print Rosters Print class and event rosters, payment statements, class and event postings and more! View Example
    Enhanced Privacy All transactions are encrypted - geek-speak for VERY secure. Group communication and member to member communication is stored on our secure site.
  • Affordable One price regardless of the number of members in your group! IF you begin the year with 100 members and your group increases to 120 members you still pay only $199.00 Annually.
  • We Respond We will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with our service.  If you have a suggestion please post it in the feedback area on our site.  We take all suggestions seriously and do our best based on the needs of our community to incorporate them into future upgrades.

Creating a group on HSsegue gives you the power of having your own homeschool group website for a fraction of the cost of creating and managing your own.  And hey, you get a 30 day trial period!

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